Marine Fish Farmers Association of Malaysia


All applications for membership shall be submitted to the Secretary on the prescribed form. All those wishing to become members shall be proposed and seconded by members of the Association. The Council shall be empowered to approve or reject any such application at its discretion.

The classes of membership shall be:

Full Membership (Ordinary and Life)

Full membership shall be open to all Malaysian citizens who are or have been directly engaged in marine aquaculture activities in Malaysia

Associate Membership

Associate members shall be private firms, registered institutions, registered societies and other lawfully constituted bodies which are related to aquaculture based activities and individuals who are interested in the objectives of the Association, but which do not qualify for full membership.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership may be awarded to persons who: –

  • have rendered valuable service to the Association or
  • have made an outstanding or distinguished contribution to the fisheries sector



Full and Honorary Members — Full and Honorary Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Association and members who are above 18 years of age shall be eligible to serve on the Council.

Voting Rights — Each full member shall be entitled to one voting right. Associate members will not be entitled to any voting rights in the Association.

Resignation — A member of the Association may, at any time, resign from the Association by delivering or sending by post to the Secretary a written notice of resignation.

Access to publications — Members shall have access to all data, publications, and scientific papers kept for the Association by the Editor. Request should be made in writing and a nominal fee for postage and photocopying may be charged per request.

Non-Payment of Membership Fees — If any member shall fail to pay his/her subscription within 3 months after it has become due, the Secretary shall send a notice in writing to his/her address as recorded in the books of the Association calling upon him/her to pay the same within two months. If he/she shall fail to pay his subscription his/her membership shall be terminated without further notice.



Keahlian Penuh — Rakyat Malaysia yang terlibat secara aktif dalam industri — RM100 per year
Keahlian Kesatuan (Individu) — Keahlian Kesatuan terbuka kepada individu yang menyokong objektif MFFAM tetapi tidak memenuhi syarat untuk mendapat Keahlian Penuh — RM50 per year
Keahlian Kesatuan (Syarikat) — Keahlian Kesatuan terbuka kepada syarikat atau insituisi yang menyokong objektif MFFAM tetapi tidak memenuhi syarat untuk mendapat Keahlian Penuh — RM500 per year


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    Payment to be made to:

    Persatuan Penternak Ikan Laut Malaysia

    Bank: Maybank Berhad

    Account No: 5120 4452 3358

    Branch: Port Klang